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Setesdal Collective are Johnathon Parkins, Kristine Grændsen, Markus Tarasenko Fadum & Marie-Laure Hay. 

Setesdal Collective are a British/Norwegian company that explore boundaries between live art and theatre, and focus on the delicate balances between what we say and what we do. The Setesdal valley is centrally located in Southern Norway and the landscape varies from flat countryside to wild and beautiful mountains. In this, we seek to replicate the geography of our namesake in our work, and not be tied down in boxes or stereotypes. We are a hybrid unit that explores vastly different types of performance, ranging from installation art to text-based work, and everything in between. We work as an ensemble to devise our performances and collaboration is at the heart of our practice. Through deadpan dialogue and visual pop culture collages we are a distinctive combination of seductive and lyrical text, music and movement in a questioning and investigation into life in the millennial generation.


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