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Bursdagsfest is a dry and deadpan look at two people trying to get through a first date at a birthday party with just party games, two microphones and some David Bowie to get them through. Presented as a slice of time where the two make it quite clear they are just following a script and ultimately whether this relationship will blossom has already been decided, this show is both witty and understated in its questioning over what this is all about. It’s awkward, but in both a ‘I can’t bear this I need to leave kind of way’, and also in a ‘these two would be a good ironic pairing for breakfast television’ kind of way. In the end, at least there are always the candles to blow out.

PERFORMED BY: Johnathon Parkins, Kristine Grændsen, Markus Tarasenko Fadum & Marie-Laure Hay

TEXT: Johnathon Parkins & Kristine Grændsen

LIGHTS: Jessica Sanders

SOUND: Tom Mothersole

DESIGN: Johnathon Parkins

30 Minutes

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