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THE ETERNAL KISS (Installation)

In a space that hums and buzzes like ground control to every astronaut circling the globe, a broken slew of words punctuated by limbs bursting out of plastic, neon lights illuminating pulsating flesh, and a love story that will run concurrently forever, The Eternal Kiss, is a half installation, half rave that puts love, loss, and the need to go on at the heart of the matter. As the posturing lover grows ever more confident and seductive, she is torn down and made to start again by those meant to be closest to her, backed by remixes of Steve Reich’s Clapping Music.

PERFORMED BY: Kristine Grændsen, Ciaran John & Chris Mawson

TEXT: Johnathon Parkins

LIGHTS & SOUND: Markus Tarasenko Fadum

DESIGN: Johnathon Parkins & Markus Tarasenko Fadum

15 Minutes

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