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"It’s beguiling and enticing, incredibly specific in its non-specificity. It is about aspiring towards your idols, and as a piece, seems to aspire confidently to itself, its own originality and essence.  TOTAL THEATRE ★★★★


“The room is very big, so on one side people can lay down, and at the other end they drink and stare moodily out of windows like they are in an advert for Grey Goose. Femme Fatales with Cleopatra wigs longue about and purse their lips. Podgy middle-aged men weave toward the bar, and that’s where we rule. The bodies are more crowded here, that’s why we are at home. You’re not allowed to dance unless you can dance, but we’ve always been able to dance. They used to say that that was actually just falling down in glittery heels, but we know better. But we never go places to dance anymore, not in any discotheque. We would have to dress up to go out, and we haven’t got a fibre of a thread of a stitch to wear. And we’re not going to just dance, even in the bathroom mirror, and that’s that, and we stopped thinking about it years ago. But they were pecking at us to go disco dancing. In the centre of the room is a mirrorball and flashing lights and sequined frocks and you just go with the flow. We dare say go-go dancers can go all night long, it’s different for them.”

“We Never Go Places To Dance Anymore” is two people and their alter egos dancing in the reflection of their bathroom mirrors, singing into a hairbrush to Lily Allen and Bruce Springsteen while life slinks into view.

PERFORMED BY: Kristine Grændsen & Marie-Laure Hay

TEXT: Johnathon Parkins, Kristine Grændsen, Markus Tarasenko Fadum & Marie-Laure Hay

LIGHTS & SOUND: Verity Rose & Markus Tarasenko Fadum 

DESIGN: Johnathon Parkins

60 Minutes


Developed at Theatre Utopia, Croydon, Det Andre Teatret, Oslo and Kilden Performing Arts Centre, Kristiansand


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